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Marco Paret school certified trainer

Ester Patricia Ceresa school certified trainer

USA 2024


Interactive training
Master your learnings


How is it goings ?

Training is based on practice, practice and practice.


The theory will be to explain in detail of what you need to know to practice and master.


You will practice your presence technique "here and now" (important step for effective hypnosis).


In addition, during the course you will develop an efficient gaze that suits you and that will be yours, for you and for your clients.

For whom ?


Hypnotherapists and hypnosis practitioners -


    - Hypnosis is a personal and efficient processing tool.



Coaches and trainers - 


    - Hypnotic techniques are used in coaching and training to help customers achieve their goals, increase their motivation, develop their self-confidence and overcome obstacles.



Medical workers -


    - Hypnotic techniques are used in coaching and training to help customers achieve their goals, increase their motivation, develop their self -confidence and overcome obstacles.



Psychiatrists and neurologists - 


    - Hypnosis is used as a complementary method in the treatment of various mental and neurological affections such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain and irritable colon syndrome.



Businessmen and leaders - 


    - Hypnosis can help businessmen and managers improve their communication skills, develop their leadership skills, manage their stress, achieve their objectives and increase their self -confidence.



Psychologists and psychotherapists -


    - Hypnosis is a valuable tool for working with customers, especially when it comes to anxiety, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorders, dependencies and other emotional problems.



Therapists and family advisers -


    - Hypnosis is invaluable when working with couples and families to improve communication, resolve conflicts and change unwanted family dynamics.



Osteopaths, massage therapists, corporal therapists -


    - The use of hypnosis techniques will allow patients to reach deep relaxation, which can be particularly useful for improving the effectiveness of therapeutic effects and relieving muscle and body tensions. This also contributes to more in -depth and more effective work on the causes and roots of the problem, which, in turn, can improve the results of therapy in general.



Energy practitioners, training leaders, caregiver specialists -


    - Hypnosis training will allow you to control deep relaxation techniques and improve your communication skills, which will help you create effective training for participants and also help your customers get better results in their activities and their life.



Anyone engaged in their personal development, who wishes to transform themselves and learn to help others -


    - Hypnotic techniques can provide unique tools and skills that can then be applied to activities that will lead to better results and personal growth.



For people interested in psychology, hypnosis, studying the theme of transformation and working on their reflection - -


    --Training will help you better understand the use of hypnotic techniques, improve your communication skills, develop self-regulation and self-control, and allow you to understand yourself better, as well as your motivations and objectives.

Theory and practical exercises







Internal presence


Physical presence


----------     ----------     ----------


a- Physical presence


- The axis

- Breathing

Being grounded

- Relax your arms

- The art of well being

- Mouvement on the axis

- Relaxation of the knees

- Effective position of the hips

- Etc...

----------     ----------     ----------


b. Fascination


- Mirror exercise

- Practical exercise for two

- Practical exercise for three

- Exercise to keep the eyelids open

- Etc...

----------     ----------     ----------


c- Internal presence


- Mirror exercise

- Relaxation exercise

- Connection exercise for two

- Exercise of members and parts

- Exercise to go and connect to yourself

- Exercise to connect to yourself quickly


----------     ----------     ----------


d- Magnetism


- Be present

- Magnetism exercise

- Magnetism exercise at two

- Magnetism exercise with three (2 subjects)


----------     ----------     ----------


e- Crisis


-(To be present
Crisis theory
Practice of the crisis

----------     ----------     ----------


Training duration


3 days of  8 hours


From 9h to 18h


60 minutes lunch time

Place of training


To be determine


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